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I started out in the fourth house then went to the fifth and the sixth at which time i was then reunited with my parants.

fortunatly, or unfortunatly, i was placed at the mount because of hard times. my folks had gotten a divorce and both farher and mother could not make ends meet.

i remember many a time going to bed hungry --- yes hungry and with a broken left leg.

it was the socity of st. paul on victory blvd, that placed me, one older and younger sister and my two brothers at the mount until my mother and father could both meet their obligations.

as i said earlier, i don't ever remember be sexually abused -- i just do not have a memory of any thing like that.

i do however, remember very vibibaly (spelling) the beatings i suffered at the hands of the older boys who seemed to get a thrill out of beating up little boys.

i just took my lumps --- cried a lot, and said nothing.

again, i do remember some good times, how to swim -- after being thrown off the raft that was way off the beech, the barn where i learned how to milk a cow, clean stables, groom the various animals.

as for the ones you looking for, i truly wish i could help you there. i do not know the names. have you asked al ritchie if his organization can help????

an yes, i am glad i am speaking with someone who stayed at the mount. i know about the may affair upstate ny. i will see if i can make that one, but usually i am on travel for my agency at that time of year. in fact, i know i am going to be in new england the second week of may doing family research.

i will however, be at the september reunion -- my second.


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