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No Topic Neal Mulligan neal Dear Rich,

I lived at the Mount from January 1951 until August 28 1954. Given the home life I was rescued from it was not bad. I had the misfortune to start out in fifth house with Mr. O'Connor and consequently went to sleep with red eyes and slept on my stomach more than a few nights. I can hear him now..."I want to see the following boys in my room". He handed out spankings and the strap as though he got a commission.
Nick Oliveri was a big improvement in sixth house. But because I was from New England and small for my age the harshest treatment came from the other boys.
Nevertheless, I would like to make contact with some old friends and hope you can help me. I have tried without success to locate Mike McGarry who was in Loretto house and who went to St. Mary's High School. He Graduated in 1953 and left the Mount then. Also, I'd like to find Tony Napoli, a big Dodger, fan who lived in Brooklyn, and Jim Donahue who had a non-identcal twin. I was given the paper route by a Jim Murphy who graduated Tottenville High in 1954 and also live in Loretto house, he is another person I'd like to re-acquaint with. I went to the Alumni date in September and ran into Jeff Waxwieler but no one else was there from the fifties.

For anyone interested there is a reunion at the Franciscan Mother House in Hastings on Hudson in May. Contact Al Richichi who lives on Staten Island. If you call the school they will give you his number. It's in the book but under his wife's name.

Good to hear from anyone from the Mount. I'll check back every couple of days. Thanks, Neal Mulligan

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