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Cuba Si!~ Pat O'Shaughnessy patos On 02/14/2000 5:05:00 AM, neal wrote:
>Nonsense! The help given to
>North Korea was humanitarian,
>something we would give Castro
>under similar circumstances.
>It was in our interest to
>improve relations with Vietnam
>because of the missing
>servicemen. Castro is a
>criminal and deserves to be
>treated as one. Further,
>unlike Vietnam he offers
>nothing to us. He makes no
>effort to resolve differences.
>He wants us to come to him. He
>isn't worth the effort. We
>have nothing to gain. He an
>his brother Raul will
>eventually die, the communists
>will collapse, and then there
>will be an improvement in

I disagree that we normalized relations with Viet-Nam because of missing servicemen. From the information I read it was because that we were losing out on economic trading in a growing economy. There are supposed to be large oil reserves offshore also. I have no problem with normalized relations with them. We certainly supported dictators as bad as Castro or worse in the Phillipines, South America and the middle east. It's been 40 yrs since we split with Cuba and we really don't have a threat from them. Don't give them most favored trading status but lift the embargo and we won't have further incidents like this

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