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No Topic Nadine Becker NadineB13 Way to go Plainsman!

I usually steer clear of controversy but I think I'll make an exception here. For one thing, if Patsos really meant the comment he made to be a joke, as Phil suggests, then why did he go out of his way to type (in all caps no less) "NO JOKE?" It came across to me pretty much the same way that Plainsman took it. Patsos can be so obnoxious some-times. Itís good to see someone put him in his place.

I went to Tottenville High, too, and I can understand how the kids from Mt. Loretto felt. They all sort of just kept to themselves and I guess that the rest of us never did much to make them feel like they really belonged. If they happened to catch our eye while passing in the hall weíd just sort of smile and nod our head to each other. But I know a lot of kids who would turn their heads and look away when they saw kids from the Mount coming. I donít think it was mean to be mean or anything like that(though there was a feeling among some of my friends about ďnice people not mixing with trash).Ē What I really think bothered them was the fact that but for the grace of God (and some loving caring parents), they could have been a Mt. Loretto kid, too.

I never made friends with any of the Mt. Loretto kids when I was in high school. But several years later, I found out that some of the people at the place where I worked (and with whom I had become friends) turned out to have spent some time at the Mount. We had been friends for a long time before it ever came out and I got the feeling that most of them donít like to think or talk with outsiders about this part of their past. These friends all told stories similar to what Anonymous has written. They were all poorly fed, poorly cared for and abused. In addition, it came out that some of the counselors were perverts and they didnít just physically abuse the smaller, weaker kids but sexually assaulted them as well. I am not a social worker and really have no hard statistics to offer, but it seems that there is evidence that children who are abused will, when they get older, often abuse other children. I asked one of them why the kids never complained to their parents or the authorities. The response was that (at least during the 50ís and the 60ís) the official policy seemed to be ďDonít even bother to complain, we are just not interested in hearing anything.Ē I was told that some time in the late 70ís or early 80ís what was going on there finally started to get reported on in the newspapers (not in the SI Advance, of course, under whose very nose all of this was going on!). I was not living in New York at the time, so I canít give you the names of the papers but I am certain that some research will turn them up. The stench finally got the attention of the city fathers and they were forced to step in and close ďthe snake pitĒ down.

Patsos is not only looking at the situation through rose colored glasses, heís operating with a whole lot of bricks short of a load!

And his remark that these kids should be thankful that someone took them is really way out of line and it really got to me. If you put out a nice tasty meal, a hungry stray dog will show up and eat it. But, if every time the stray finishes a meal, you beat it, it too will eventually run away. And if the dog is at all smart, it'll deliver a few well placed bites before heading up the road. But, hey, I donít have to tell Patsos this. I am certain that heís covered with dog bites from head to toe.

One final thing. I am pretty sure that one of my friends said that at least one of the priests who were charged, both by the state and by God, with overseeing these kids either was homosexual or was strongly suspected of being one. Maybe thereís some skeletons rattling around in the someone's family closet and we should look into this matter some more.

In the meantime, my advice to Patsos is if you really donít know what you are talking about (and with you this seems to be the case most of the time) just shut up!

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