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Mount Loretta - Friendship Club John White Plainsman Patos:

It figures that a only "low life" like you would not resist an opportunity to deliver a "cheap shot!"

I don't know who "Anonymous" is, but what he says seems to have a hell of a lot more truth to it than anything you've ever posted here.

You, obviously, were not in Korea.

But maybe you should take your sorry a** down to the VFW and talk to some of our "doggy" buddies that were there. I am sure that would tell you story after story about Marines coming along and picking up the dead and wounded soldiers that there fellow "doggies" had left behind in their wild ass retreat from the front lines! (They even left fully gassed vehicles and weapons strewn all over the ground). If there is one thing the Army knows how to do, it's run like hell to the rear whenever it looks like there's a fight coming on.

And don't just take my word for it -- take your dead a** to any good library and read a good reliable book or two on the subject. Also, the recent stories that tell about how Army troops fired upon civilians is just the tip of the iceberg. The actions of a great number of your fellow doggies in Korea was nothing short of shameful. And, you and your chicken hearted buddies didn't do a hell of a lot better in "Nam either! Don't talk to me about crying, Man, I've seen enough of you and your type "up close and personal" to gag for the rest of my life. You and your Army brothers are nothing but a blot on the honor of this great country.

I dont care who your uncle's brother was, but it don;t sound to me that Anonymous is just telling lies. Maybe your uncle's brother is one of the priests he socked in the choppers and you're still feeling bad about it. As someone who went to Tottenville and saw these guys, (and Anonymous is right about the way he was treated), I am going to tell you that you would never have made it at Mount Loretto. They would have just ate your chickensh** a** all up.
Be thankful my a**! For what? For getting the beejeezes knocked out of you whenever someone wanted to feel big and important? You wouldn't have lasted a day, ya twerp! Why dont ya just SHADDUP!! Semper Fi, Dope!

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