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There seems to be something that you are missing here. You have the right to say anything you want to your buddies. You can say anything you want to your coworkers. (as long as its not intimidation or discrimination) You have the right protest your employer right in front of your work place. You have the right to your opinion. You have the right to express your own personal taste.
However if you present yourself as a representative of the government agency that you work for and you insult people, or you lie to people, or you discriminate against people, you might find yourself in a lot of trouble with your employer. (especially if it becomes a public issue)
We will see what happens to Rocker in the next few days. I will bet money that John Rocker does not get off Scott free. I really believe that Baseball has every right to punish him. He will be fined. Of course John Rocker has the right to refuse to pay any fine imposed upon him. He wouldn't be breaking any laws if he did that. But if he doesn't pay he wont play.

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