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OT's Husband John Passed On to-Intrepid In The Sky Stanley J. Singer sjsinger I have never met Marcene and John other than through conversation on this chat group. Marcene who graduated Curtis Hi with my Sister in 1940 was kind enough to send me a picture of my sister out of her yearbook. They were kind enough to answer many questions relative to the group.

As a retired Air Force Officer, I salute the man from the Intrepid and may he find the peace and tranquility he has earned.

To Marcene, I understand how you are feeling as I lost the most treasured person I shall ever know, my wife, died of cancer after a long illness. Time will dim but never heal the hurt but we all wish you peace on this earth and the ability to live life to its fullest as the Almighty wishes.

Stanley J. Singer
Col. USAF Ret.

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