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OT's Husband John Passed On to-Intrepid In The Sky John Ritter JR I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting and knowing
Marcene's husband John Daniels. John seemed to be a most quiet and almost shy person. As many of you know he had spent a long time in the Navy from before WWII, service as part of the Armed Guard aboard merchant ships, UDT and Mine ordnance disposal and aboard many Navy ships, ending his career on the carrier Intrepid.
John was also a member in good standing (along with his wonderful wife) of the greatest generation as documented by Tom Brokaw. I was unable to get John to tell me very much about his Navy service, his bride told me more on that subject than he did. He was very modest about his own service or accomplishments. To open him up you only had to get him talking about one subject: His family. He was more proud of his wife, children and grand children than anything else. As long as we remember him he is still alive in out heart of hearts until we meet him again in eternity. God bless John Daniels.


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