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Clairvoyance-Tea Leaves?? Charlie Joseph CharlieJ The thread in the personals about clairvoyance reminded me of this true story.

Now, I'm not sayin' I'm a believer or what. I'm kinda too irreverent to be a believer in much of anything except maybe myself and the people I care about. But whatever, this story is absolutely true.

Way back when, shortly after a divorce, while in the Navy, I figuratively joined the foreign legion. The Navy was looking for volunteers for the Vietnam Advisory Corps and I volunteered just to get away from where I was. After 35 weeks of Vietnamese language school, I ended up in Coronado, CA at the Amphib base for combat and survival training.
While there I met a girl who said she could read tea leaves. She said herself that she took no stock in them, but her grandmother taught her how to interpret the patterns. Now remember, I'm no kid at this point, I was 32 and a Chief at the time. So I'm not that gullible. And this was not a paid soothsayer, she was a friend. But I said what the heck, we boiled the water and I swirled the leaves.
Also remember that my past was something that we talked about, so there's no big deal about what she 'conjured' about that. But as far as the future was concerned, I was leaving for Vietnam in a few weeks and that's all I or anyone else knew.
Here's what she said:

"You've been very sad and hurt and unhappy". Well, I didn't think it showed that much, but when you're in your 30's and single the question of how come you're not married always comes up, not to mention why did I volunteer for Vietnam. So that really wasn't a startling revelation.

Then she said, "I see a long trip". Again, I chuckled - big deal. I'm leaving for Vietnam in a few weeks. That's not much of a revelation.

But she said, "No, the trip is over land, not over water". Ha - I said - Shows you how wrong that stuff is.

Then she added something funny. She said, "I see a bunch of small animals. Many of them - Mice, that's what they are. Mice. Then after that I see happiness for you - for a long time. That's all I can see -It just smooths into a happy life after that".

Well, I got a big kick out of that. The happy part sounded nice, but mice? What the hell have I got to do with mice. And lots of them besides.

Well, here's where it gets weird. A couple of weeks later, in a complete surprise to everyone (you can read about it on my site) the whole volunteer program was cancelled. I didn't go to Vietnam, I got orders back to the East Coast (NAS Pax River). Making a big trip overland! When I got here, I found a neat little cottage on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay. With nothing but woods behind me. Perfect place for a single guy to live. I moved in in late April. The months rolled by and winter began getting close. Guess what. I was inundated with mice. Field mice coming to find a home for the winter. I set out traps the first winter and got 39 in the traps. God knows how many escaped. The next winter, same thing. The count was starting to climb into the 30's again, when I got smart and got a cat. Smartest move I ever made, I'm not a cat person, but they sure do that job good. Solved the problem. Anyway - there's the mice connection from the tea leaves.

The happy part? That's easy. Shortly after the 2nd mice winter, I met my current wife. We've been married over 25 years now.

Do I believe in prophecy? I can't say that I do. But well, all I can say is never say never.


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