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Response to Edward P. Morgan III Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu to all on this web site.

anonymous told a very heart felt, but i believe a true story about being a resident of mount loretto.

how can he tell such a story in a calm way.

well some of you know that i spent at least two, possible three years at the mount. so did two of my sisters and two brothers. my older brother kept running away and after about the fifth time, mount official did not bother to try and bring him back

i experiences some of the same problems anonymous experienced. harsh treatment by the nuns, brothers and older boys. but i also experienced some good treatment by some of the nuns, brothers and older boys. it was mixed.

i have good memories and bad memories of my short but very influential life at the mount.

did my stay make me a better person?? i don't know, and personally, i don't care. i am what i am and i am dam proud to be what i am.

if i had to live my life over again, would i change anything about it, even my stay at the mount------

the answer is NO.

i live with my memories, good, bad and ugly. anomyous is living with his and he is doing real well. i am proud of him -- although i do not know him personally, and i am proud of all the others who made it though the mount and made something good for themselves and their families.

i visited the mount last september and met former residents that i had no memory of. after all i was only about 8 or nine years old. faces blur and names just did not ring a bell. but experiences did.

i hope this helps mr. morgan some and i do feel mr. morgan's pain. i read his posts and i have no anger against him. he is dealing with his life experiences at the mount and i do wish him well.


rich ladieu

p.s. i do every so often speak with my sisters about our experiences at the mount. sometimes we do laugh about them.

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