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Here's Da Way It Is Diane J DJ Lost Re: my SI Life

I was born in the Bronx, moved to the Island when I was 14.

Attended (occasionally) Egbert JHS on Midland Ave. The year I was to begin NDHS, my family packed it up and moved to Dallas Tx. Pretty big disappointment for me since my brothers went there and my cousins went there. And, soon all my friends would go there too.

My favorite teachers at Egbert was Mr. Ryan (English), an older cranky yet humorous irishman who kept you in line and got to the point. Also Mrs. Develin. She was the only math teacher who could ever get me to understand math! She was one of the best teachers I ever had.

During my time on the Island, I was a pretty rotten kid. Hung out a lot at South Beach Amusement and a lot around Dongan Hills.

Had a secret party spot in the woods behind the police station on Hylan Blvd.

Had some wonderful friends that I would skip school with. We would usually wind up in someones house during school hours playing, being silly and drinking.

Used to hitch hike between Midland Beach and the Staten Island Zoo.

Used to flirt with the guys during San Genero festivals.

Used to ride the train and the ferry to the city just for the hell of it, during school hours of course.

My best friend Jo Ann's mother used to be the receptionist for Masters store on Hylan Blvd so we used to hang out there alot. My cousin Frankie worked there also.

Attended a most memorable halloween party at the Hess' house one year. That was a blast. We got up the next morning and walked to NDHS football field and watched the sun rise. All 40 of us!

Ate the best pizza at Nunzio's.

Got scared when they found that girls body at Wolf's Head Park. We were banned from going to that side of the island after that.

Went snooping around in the KMart building near the SI Mall when it closed down. Sounded like fun at the time.

Much more memories, too much actually. But all good. Can't remember any bad ones.

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