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Whoa! ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~

So the si web is one of your special TO~DO's eh??? *S*

As for the puter troubles...Man! Do I know what you mean. My computer has been acting funky for weeks now. It's coming to a showdown too. I think I'm going to have to back up all my files by burning em to a CD and then clear my whole system out. Then bit by bit I'll reinstall things and only bring in the data that's absolutely necessary. The rest will be save and secure on a CD. Although, even my CD ROM went last week. Fortunately my Husband fixed it for me. *S*

Such are the joys of technology!

Are you really the cowboy type?????

Oh Man! I just remembered! Your Birthday is coming up! YES? You did say it was VALENTINE'S DAY! Right? I'll have to make sure that I post here that day so that we can all roast..I mean toast you! *S*

Re the Dreaming: Do you really dream of solutions and then try them out? If so, I think that's pretty neat! That's actually pretty darned ~NewAge~! *LOL* I'm impressed! Do you keep a Dream Journal? Many people do! *S*

Re the music: Strauss eh? You're not into contemporary music??? If so, who do you like?

Re the pic: I await! *S*

Re your desk: Poor Mrs.Rich, being kept off limits like that. LOL (I do the same thing with my Family! *S*)

Re "nothing too interesting": Waddaya mean? Friends, Dreams, Puters, Music! They all sound interesting to me! *S*


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