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Bored of this place? ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~

I usually don't answer the throngs of negative nameless that pass through here but I'm going to break my own rule this time.

#1) I do believe you meant "Bored with this place?" Was English not your best subject in school? Oops! Maybe you're still there! If so, ask for a better Teacher, or STUDY MORE!

#2) If the "other" place is so almighty special, and everyone here is so boring, why are you trying to import them? Not at all a bright move in my book. Logically I'd think you'd want the snoozers to stay right where they are.

#3) For any so called boredom to be "eating away" at must spend an awful lot of time lurking here! *LOL* Nice ILLOGICAL move! Boring or not, it must have SOMETHING that you want or you wouldn't be here so much!

Oh well! What else can I say but....

Whatever floats your boat!

Carry on O'Nameless one!


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