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Regarding the issue of "charming nonsense": While on the one hand I applaud your ability to disassociate yourself from the issue of belief and non-belief to the extent that you realize (as well as state for the record)the fact that such stories as the one that I posted can indeed be inspirational and instructive I must (without a doubt) take issue with your very cynical conclusions and quite negative label for it.

Furthermore, I submit for the record that since you do not and can not possibly know that which has been the experience of every living human it is actually you who are committing a "pious" impurity here. Make that a ~Spiritual~ impurity! *S*

You state (in various forms) that the story is nonsense, yet you offer no proof!

The story was posted publicly for the evaluation of anyone who desired to read it. Those who didn't wish to read it had the choice to ~skip~ on by it just as I do with a good number of posts here. Obviously you read it. I take no issue with that. In fact, I'm intrigued by it in lieu of the stance you've taken on similar issues in times past. HOWEVER since you so very clearly (as per your own words) stated that "The angel story above isn't weighty enough to be called that (referring to the more severe label of "pious fraud") because it's harmless" I find it quite enlightening that you would feel the urge to go out of your way to categorize it's contents in ANY way and for ANY reason.

It's not only highly illogical it's preposterous! It does however highlight the fact that it DID significantly ~touch~ you! *S*

Again, I find that interesting!

In closing I would just like to reiterate (for the record)..the obvious. You cannot possibly know the extent of each and every living persons experiences...therefore in the name of all that is right and well as all that is logically pure and sound, you cannot possibly label it as ANY kind of nonsense let alone "pious".

Sooooo rs, you dig up your Easter Bunny folder, and your Troll folder, and your Little People folder too, and make sure that you mark them properly this time.

Confused? I'll help you out! Label them: "Not yet proved...but not yet DIS~Proved!

I now....

Rest my case! *S*


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