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Response to Edward P. Morgan III Dan Blaine DBLIVIT Having gone to school on the north shore (Curtis and SICC), I had the privilege of knowing only one person from the "Mount". This was at SICC 57-59. I never recall any of us looking down on him for being from the Mount. To the contrary, we respected him and looked up to him because he seemed more mature than us (his contemporaries).

At the time I think he had "graduated" from the Mount and lived in a "halfway house" out on Arthur Kill Road somewhere, then he moved to a furnished room in St. George in order to have an easy commute to school and his job.

I also played football against teams from the Mount in the CYO league, and let me tell you...they were tough, but good sportsmen!

It doesn't sound like you had a very pleasant time at the Mount, but you must've gotten some education judging by the way you write. Best of luck...DAN BLAINE

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