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Here's Da Way It Is Stanley J. Singer sjsinger Marguerite,

I know you would have loved the Island at the time that I grew up (graduated Curtis in Jan 36). It was still untainted with a lot of shopping malls, apartment houses, and was most unsophisticated. The people of all races and ethnic groups lived in harmony and in cooperation. The ponds and lakes were plentiful and the woods wonderful for camping or roving or seeking Indian Arrows. A trip to Port Richmond from New Brighton was a family event. We never locked our doors and always wondered witch of the neighbors would wander in for tea or coffee. In the depression years, the people of the Island banded together to help those who needed it and merchants gave things out on credit sometimes believing that they were never to be paid. But in the case of my Uncle's Hardware stores all debts had been paid in full to the store, before the war years. When I returned from combat in October of 1944 I was greeted by a mob of people and it made me feel like a hero.

I will always remember, the kindness, friendliness and cooperation of all Islanders as long as I live. that is why this chat group has meant so much to me.

Stanley J. Singer
Always an Islander
Now from Houston, Texas

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