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Plain Collision over Miller Field 1960 Charles Evans Cron Thank you Big Paul for posting that report, brought back a water shed of memories. I heard the collision, I was in my Spanish class, at Curtis H.S., the windows faced the harbor. For some reason we all knew what it was, not sure why, maybe just a case of dejavu. I'm sure we all heard the saying, "bad things happen in three's". A short while after that crash the Aircraft Carrier Constellation burnt at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. 72 men died. I remember the distinct feeling of calamity "What wrath has God brought on us"
My father was badly burned and trapped below decks of the Constellation for 24hrs, evacuated through a hole cut in the side of the ship. My mother and I watched him being taken out that hole on TV, we thought he was dead. What a Christmas that was. I experienced for the first time the feeling of intense happiness and sadness that can be present at the same time.

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