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Here's Da Way It Is Freda Gee Hurricane41 Hi all, I lived on S.I. the first 14 years of my life on West Raleigh Avenue (next to the Barrett Zoo). I attended P.S. 45 (graduated in '55), went to S.I. Academy my freshmen year of high school before moving to Florida with my family. My father(Robert R. Maibauer) was born on S.I. and my mother in Ontario, Canada (she came to the U.S. to study nursing at S.I. Hospital and met my father there as he had a second pharmacy at the hospital and the main pharmacy at 200 Richmond Avenue - Maibauer Pharmacy). My grandfather and grandmother lived in Travis (they came from Germany). I have keep in touch with several friends but they no longer live on the island. I was thrilled when I got a computer and stumbled upon the S.I. web. Love hearing the stories which bring back the fond memories of my childhood on S.I. Most of my parents friends were doctors and lawyers (many of whom have departed this earth). My mother and brother live in Florida, as I do after traveling around the world with my husband - a career Army man. I have to married daughters and four beautiful grandchildren (3 gals and 1 guy) from age 3 to age 15. Life is wonderful - keep up the great web for us who left the island many years ago and still like to hear from those who stayed. I remember the winter ice skating on Martlings Pond with my classmates from P.S. 45, also skating on those little ponds in the woods out near Travis. Those were the days. Spent time up on Todt Hill with friends back in the early '60's but haven't been back since. Guess that's all from this islander. Thanks for letting me share with you. Freda

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