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Crossing Paths Harry White hrwhite Gina,
I remember a checker named Sam. I think it was the summer of '63 when I worked there. It was the A&P next to Marty's soda shop. I was assigned to the soda and canned meat aisle. It was fun. I even enjoyed bagging up front when it was busy.
I do remember a female book keeper but do not recall her name. You are probably correct.
Did my lunches at Marty's or the 3J's. Marty's for egg creams and burgers, 3J's for pizza and beer.
Checkers in those days had amazing memories and calculators in their head. They would be amazed by todays bar coded items and bar code readers. Checkers today only have to be able to figure which side the bar code is on so that it will read.
Yes! A very small world. But we are only talking about a small special place, SI, where we grew up.

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