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Plain Collision over Miller Field 1960 Big Paul BigPaul
I met a guy on another news group who was an Army Helicopter Mechanic. He was stationed at Miller Field in 1960 when the terrible collision took place. So I sent him the article I found here about the crash. Here is his response.
I don't know weather to thank you or want to kick your butt. Reading the
article took me right back to MAAF that morning. I would never forget the
accident but much has faded. I thought it was a 707 it was a DC8. I was at
the cabin section where that guy was put onto the CG helicopter. I helped
pull a couple of people that were alive out of the aircraft. We hoped that
they would live. The boy in Brooklyn....if ever you could say the world was
pulling for anyone he was the one. Tough New Yorkers cried when the news of
his death arrived. The smell of burning flesh comes to my mind even now
after just reading the article. I have had a memory that has laid somewhat
dormant reawakened Paul. But that is OK. A lot of stuff in the Article I
didn't know. Wow! Interestingly enough there was a TV program shortly
after that accident and they were at Idlewild or La Guardia in the air
traffic room and someone said something to the affect "Whose got flight
100?" Nobody had it or could located it and they did scramble to find it
which eventually they did, but it was all captured on film.

I do thank you for sending me that article and I will pass it on to a
friend who was stationed there with me at the time. I have 41 years of
aviation experience Paul what with the Army and working for Bell Helicopter
and I don't like to fly the so called friendly skies. Just me and my kite
is as close as it gets.

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