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Whoa! Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu donna,

yea we been bumping at same time on net cuz i'm logging on while at work. my computer did a major crash last thursday nite, and i have been spending time rebuilding it. the hard drives are five years old and run nearly 24 hours a day. had to do some realy hard work to recover, but i got most of all my stuff recovered (software and all). text fies are backup each night onto floppies so nothing lost there.

what do i do at home on the computer. well for something to take my mind of my work or troubles, i get on the si web and chat. or i go to fun cits my cowboypals. com and do the long ranger or hopper long casidy bit etc.

other wise, i am hacking my own legal copies of software to fix bugs or virus' i find. or i am doing research on labor and legal issues.

sometimes while sleeping, i dream up a fix for a problem. i then wake up and immediately go to the computer and work it out before i forget it.

other then the above i don't know what else i do theree -- oh yea, i listen to strauss while working.

as for a pix, ok ill see what i can do this week end for ya.

mind you, the office looks a bit messy and all. my wife ain't allowed to touch anything on my desk, least i can't find it.


nothing too interesting.

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