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Crossing Paths Gina * Gina Harry "U" worked at the A&P in ND? OHMY GAWDDDDDD ROFL!!!

WOW! So did my Dad for many years...the old store in the middle of the Land and the newer below the Blvd.

Does the name Augie ring a bell? Then there was the bookkeeper, I think her name was Angie (I'll check w/ my Mom tomorrow) she could yellllllllllllll my fathers name across the store so LOUD that it could be heard at the Pathmark in Oakwood LOL - I'm really jogging my memory now trying to think of Mr. Stevenson, Frank Romognola, John Camminetti, Junior Grasso & ohhhhhhhh so many others like Patrolman Ellis who stopped in often for his cuPPa kaWfee & other freebies (the one who everyone said would arrest his Grandmother if he could LOL)

Small world Aeh?


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