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Crossing Paths Harry White hrwhite rs,
You do have a way with words, "...that's what I seem to enjoy doing too, looking for clear spots on the glass separating now from then...". That is exactly what I'm trying to do.
Someone mentioned the conveyor belt in the A&P in a recent post. Boy did that clear a spot on the glass. My first real, requiring working papers, job was at the A&P on New Dorp Lane. I worked both ends of that conveyor belt that summer. I almost started to sweat as the memory leapt into my head. Sometimes a word or a sentence in a post can open up very vivid memories. The post on Adam Buda's passing had a similar result.
Sounds like you did some lifeguarding. I started the program in some pool in the city but dropped out before completing the course. Perhaps to take the job at the A&P which my mother had lined up for me.
If you ever decide to ski at Mammoth it would be fun to ski and talk. Dinner and drinks at my place included.

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