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Here is what I remember about Van Duzer and Beach Streets. Going up Beach Street there was a grocery store on the far right hand corner called Klingles (I worked there as an order boy from 1953 to 1958) Next to that was a bar then Katz's Upholstery store then Rods Liquor store. Directly across the street was a Launder mat with apartments above it. One family I remember were the Cheriks (the oldest boy was killed in Viet Nam).

On the other side of Beach Street was a drug store and next to that a candy store. The final corner was where Frank's meat market was. That's all this old memory can recall about that intersection.

My Grandfather owned a paint store on Canal, across from the brewery and he later moved it to the corner of Broad and and the hill that ran along side the brewery. Your dance studio was probably between his first paint store and the Virginia Funeral Home.

When did your mom go to St. John's and what was her maiden name?

Most of my candy store memories came from Terry's on the corner of Beach and Jackson St. Remember Line Rickeys?

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