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Thinking about O.T. Dan Blaine DBLIVIT Below is an email I received from "O.T." Daniels. She has been a mainstay of this board since I came on to it a couple of years back. So, if you're religious, say a prayer for her and her husband. If not, a moment of thought would be appropriate...DAN BLAINE

To all my concerned friends,

John has been suffering for weeks with so many problems. His last MRI
showed his spinal chord was being crushed again with a problem the same as
when he had it happen a few years ago.

He has been having terrible pain and been screaming all night for weeks with
dementia. Just learned why and he is now on
morphine every two hours and not expected to make it many more days.

I kept him home with round the clock care and he is now in hospital. Spend
most of the time with him but am home now and Maureen sleeping there on a
bed in his room tonight and I am trying to erase all my e-mail. Thought I
owed an explaination to all of you tho.

LOve and will accept all prayers for a very quick release for my beloved,
thank you in advance.

HUgs accepted too,


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