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~*Things Aren't Always What They Seem*~ Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Re: Charming nonsense.

Harmless, I agree; Inspirational, maybe; but reality-based? Fergeddaboudit! Possibly even instructive, as reality is often deeper than surface appearances.

There's a term that describes a certain sort of story-telling and other activity that can be considered quite naughty, called "pious fraud." The angel story above isn't weighty enough to be called that because it's harmless, but it would qualify as "pious nonsense," a new category I just this minute made up so I'd have somewhere to put this. I'm gonna put it next to the compartments I have for the Easter Bunny, the Fairy Tales, and the Trolls Who Live Under the Bridge, of whom I happen to be one, the bad one!

Hell, W.B. Yeats wrote a whole book about the Little People in Erin, so I guess you're in good company.

Was there some area of StatNisland where these supernatural types tended to congregate?


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