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Crossing Paths Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Harry, that's what I seem to enjoy doing too, looking for clear spots on the glass separating now from then, which is probably why I issued that little challenge to encourage this gathering of friends and near-friends to include their recollections along with their opinions and what-not.

I'll throw out a couple:

Great Kills Beach, Midland Beach, and South Beach were all places of summer employment for me ($8/day for starters) '57-'62.

I used to visit the boat building and repair yards located wherever they had docks and moorings in Great Kills Yacht Basin. My dad admired men who built boats and I absorbed that from watching them, and helping him build a couple of plywood boats from kits, but the admiration came for the men who could build a frame and lapstrake hull, install an inboard, and make the whole thing run.

I used to rent skis from a man of around eighty, who still skied himself, named Torkel Sheiei(?) (pronounced "Shay") who built them from laminated wood in his garage, in the cold, so the wood wouldn't twist and warp. Westerleigh area, I think, around '60. Years later, at Tahoe, I became a reasonably adept skier. Haven't been up lately, tho.'

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