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The Plaza & Forest Ave. Dawn Casella Marie Mimi, you brought back such memories. I remember going to Penn Fruit with my mother and then meeting my girlfriends at Kresges. I always went for the hot fudge sundaes instead of the banana splits. My mother worked at Rock Landau's for a few hours a day when I was in high school. I remember going to Nisners (sp?) too and they had a machine where you would put your name and a guy's name and it would make a coin-like thing. We used to buy all our cheap makeup there. We also used to go to Record Baron and buy albums. It was a headshop in the '70's. I was just old enough to know what one was. Then we'd go to Master's Pizza nextdoor.
I forgot that Penny's was once Sears. I don't remember "The Place" though. What was that? I remember going to the Italian Deli next door to the hairdresser where my mother used to drag me to get my haircut. I guess I was about 9 or 10 too. Which was '69/'70.

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