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Crumbbuns - Buda Harry White hrwhite I worked for the Buda brothers at that location for about nine months cooking doughnuts, icing buns, filling the jelly doughnuts and filling the cream doughnuts for Sunday morning shoppers. It was a nice family run business. I believe Adam had a brother John. When I worked there there were six of us on the eve shift, Adam, John, another Polish guy who did all of the dough mixing, an Italian guy and a Jewish guy who did most of the baking. In those days the hard rolls were made by hand. We would stand around the big table and fold the dough over your thumb then wack it and then fold again and then wack ... until there was just a little flap left. The flap was then tucked through the center of the roll to finish the process. As the junior person at the table it was my job to place the completed rolls face down in the "proofbox" on the poppy seeds. After the yeast did it thing the baker would pick the rolls out of the boxes and place them on a piel (wooden spatula) and then put them on a shelf in the oven to bake. Whata smell! Whata taste! I haven't had a good hard roll since I left SI. Guess it is to expensive to make them the old way.

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