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John Rocker - rights & privileges Big Paul BigPaul John Rocker is a representative of a major business, a major team, and a major sport. He is potentially looked up to by millions of children. It is not the government or the law that is punishing him. It is the business of baseball that is doling out the punishment.
My father used to work in the airline industry. Because of that I get some very nice flying privileges. When I fly I am considered a representative of the airline, therefore there are some rules I must follow. I have to wear a jacket and tie, I have to be there early, and I have to be on my best behavior. If I break the rules I loose my privileges.
That seems fair to me.
John Rocker is getting what he deserves. The government had nothing to do with it. But as a representative of a major industry in this country he forgot the rules. He is free to say whatever he wants, he will still be an American, even if he makes an a-hole out of himself. However he may not always have a job in baseball if continues to mouth off. Playing Baseball is a privilege, not a right. He is a representative of that industry. Maybe he could go into politics. He might get elected down south.

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