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John Rocker, 'Double Standard?' Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Freedom of speech? I think we
>have gone a little too far
>with this. What about good
>taste, manners, finesse,
>culture, etc?

That's precious.

How 'bout: Freedom to be free of unreasonable search and seizure? I think we have gone a little too far with this. What about criminals who hide stuff? We should just search every house in the city until we find it.


Due process? Haven't we gone a little too far with this, giving criminals trials b e f o r e we hang 'em?

The whole point about guaranteeing certain rights is that the person exercising them is entitled to do so without either having to say thank-you or worrying that he can be punished legally for doing so.

Politesse is absolutely required for ordinary social interaction, and I encourage it, but you still have the right to the position that social convention shouldn't muzzle you. The First Amendment lets you speak your piece. Then you can hang around and listen to the cheers or boos. Whichever, you were allowed to say it first.


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