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John Rocker, 'Double Standard?' Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu Ace

what you are saying to me is this ---

i am a federal employee. i do not have the right to criticize my employer the government. therefore, i should not vote, nor should i speak out on any national or local issues that my employer may have a hand in.

is that correct?? if so, i am ready to go to war with anyone, including this government to protect my right to free speech, even to the point of criticizing my employer, the u.s. government.

keep in mind, stalin, lennin and hitler, made sure their subordinates were kept in line by not allowing them the right to free speech. millions were killed.

are you saying that an emplyee of a company or a government agency must remain silent even when the management is or are committing possibly illegal acts?? if so, then law enforcement is a waste of my tax money.

comon folks, get with it, the constition should mean something. one does not need to be a perry mason to know how to read and interperate the constitution.


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