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John Rocker, 'Double Standard?' Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu my additional two cents worth --

if i want to bad mouth my employee after hours, on my own time, then i, as an american citizen can do so. i should not have to fear being retaliated against by my employer which in this case just happens to be the u.s. government. the u.s. government is all of us citizens.

just because i am a federal employee does not mean some commie pinko politician or political appointee can have me disciplined for speaking my mind, even if it is embassarying to the agency i work for or to the dim witted ding bat working in the white house.

i am offended by anyone who things that people should be slienced simply because he/she does not like what an individual says.

we may not like what a persons says in this country, and the remarks may be stupid, outragous or whatever, but that's tough. if you don't like freedom of speech, then leave my country. my forefathers fought for and died for our right to speak freely even if our speech is offensive.

as for responsibility, yea i agree with that, but only if it physically hurts someone. like shouting fire in a crowded movie house, etc.

if you feelings get hurt just because i said something offensive to you, then you need to get a real life.

rocker was stupid, but he had a right, a constitutional right to say what he wanted to say.

other than the above, what are we arguing about anyway???? lets get down to real fun on this site, hows about some more jokes???


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