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No Topic Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Hey, JR! You've brought back some memories for me. At Victory and Manor was Reiman's Hardware, down from Cini's.

The Acme Market was at the corner of Victory and Hodges, which happens to be the street I lived on from '47 until I left for Californy in '66, not counting a coupla years in Greenwich Village while attending NYU law school. Been in San Fran (don't call it Frisco)ever since. When that Acme was being built I was one of the kids who used to play in the construction site until they hired a watchman and we still played there, but hadda run when he showed up. Nothing like a construction site to make a kid want to play around. Later I worked in the place stocking shelves. Way too much like work for me. Made me want to go up and out, which I did. Earned minimum wage, $1.25 an hour. Used to hike, bike, and later drive all over Todt Hill and Manor Roads. We probably had some of the same teachers at PS29. Hell, I had some of the same teachers at PS29 that my father had when he went there long before me. I'd come home from elementary or high school the first day of classes and tell my parents which teachers I had and they both were taught by some of them. Wonder if that happens much any more, any place around here.

Reminds me of the Carly Simon song, "Doesn't anybody stay in one place any more?" from around 1970.

Don't think they do.


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