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Here's Da Way It Is Brian Cullen Ace328bc I was born on the Island in March of '59. My dad had a little bungalow down Kissam (?) Lane in Oakwood Beach, but right after I was born we moved to the Carolina Gardens in Oakwood. Went to PS41, PS50, IS24 right after it was built, then New Dorp High. In '73 when my grandfather died we moved in with my grandma in Eltingville. Graduated NDHS in '77 (top 5% may I add) and had a fully paid scholarship to DeVry Tech in Woodbridge, NJ. In a classic case of stupidity (in hindsight, of course) I dropped out of DeVry with a 3.2 grade point average because I didn't feel like going to school anymore. If I followed it through I'd have been one of those highly paid computer technicians you see now. I wasted about 12 years of my life farting around, and finally, when I moved to Florida decided it was time to stop being stupid and start using my brain for something. I went to work for Eckerd in 1986 and learned the photo processing trade. I am now trying to summon the courage up to pursue this privately, as there are people with the equipment I need who have all the business contacts I could want and know I am the best at what I do. (That's the truth, by the way, I just still fight my personal demons every day.) I met my wife on Staten Island after she moved there from North Carolina, and she is the best thing that ever happened to me and I hate to think where I would be without her. One of my boys were born there, one down here. I don't miss Staten Island but that is probably because I associate too much of my past behavior from there, and I don't know anybody from my high school days or before. I came to this website out of curiousity and have met some really wonderful people, and quite frankly like each of you much better than anyone I knew when I lived there. So that's my story, more or less.

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