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No Topic John Ritter JR Hi bob,

For a few short years we lived in a rented house on Shmidts Lane near where the Dairy or Brewery was on Manor
Road. My Dad was in the Merchant Marine mostly sailing to south America and my Mom worked part time at Farm
Colony across from Sea View. I have very limited memories of the area and those are activated by our discussions.
At Faw Cawners we have mentioned the news stand, also is remembered the hardware store, Redmans? Further up
Victroy Blvd was the Acme or A&P where we shopped. Also in that general area was the church we attended, and it
may have been Moravian. I can remember that every year the had a boar ride. One year we would go to Rye Beach
and the next year to Bear Mountain park. Although we walked to school as a group down the old Todt Hill Road I
can't remember much of the walk on Victory. At the school it was before crossing guards and there was a NYPD
officer there who sometimes gave us empty shells when he went to the range. Was kind of neat. I also remember that
there were some woods and small hills on the other side of Toad Hill Road and we stooped and played there on the
way home. There may have been some rumors of "Indian Caves" in the area. Remember getting into trouble for
coming home dirty and the 'shortcut' was no longer allowed. I only went to P. S. 29 for a short time and don't
remember much except that the had a Bazaar once a year. None of my other schools did that. During the short
transition period between your neck of the woods and Huguenot I attended a private school that went into a mansion on Manor road that was owned by a gardener or judge before the property was converted. It was run by a church in West Brighten I think.


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