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John Rocker Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Re: "Sticks and stones...but names will never hurt me."

That's what you said after you were hurt by the names but were trying to act like it didn't hurt too bad.

It may be why you went anonymous, to spare your feelings in case someone disagreed with you in an inarticulate manner and called you a name instead of giving you a reason.

Names hurt a lot. Black people refer to racist epithets directed against them as "calling me down by my name."

Not a lot you can do about it when someone calls you or someone you care about down over something they were born with.

I think it's terrible, except for Italians. I dunno why that is, except I was borned on StatNisland. Yerdamright I'm kidding, you think I'm nuts?

Don't answer that question!


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