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Elections 2000 Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Something Corsair wrote struck a chord, about the fellow POW telling his comrade who broke under torture to forget it, tomorrow is another day.

I think any of us would feel bad, being forced to do something that demeaned and humiliated us. Suppose you were a prisoner and one of your mates was dragged out and you could hear his screams as he was being tortured. What are you going to do if and when he gets back to his cell, give him a hard time for giving up the war plans, which he never had, or try to comfort him and get him through the day?

Suppose he was a real good guy and you had him figured for presidential timber some day. Would you count him out because of what he did under torture, or say the hell with it, it was under torture, so it doesn't count, and try to put it out of your head.

I'd give the guy all the credit in the world for trying to resist as hard as he could. After that, it's a different ballgame.

It's hard enough to lead a spotless life in times of peace, much less when they've got your balls in the jeweler's vice.


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