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Here's Da Way It Is Charles Schleininger corsair Sounds familiar. Mrs Sailliard put me on early, late, & study hall detention, in my Junior year to cram math into my head. When I enlisted I scored high on the math aptitude test. I, & a small group of other airman, were put into an advanced Math. class. There I was at age 17 having calculus rammed down my throat. From there it was off to Lowery AFB for 6 months of basic electronics, computer, & Radar training. 75 of us started out, only 16 of us made it through. When I got to Lincoln AFB the C.O. selected a few of us for advanced training. Then he "convinced" me to take night classes at the University of Nebraska. When I got out I used my G.I. bill to attend RCA Institutes. Grumman hired me & put me on a one year apprentice program & then sent me to the G.E. Lab in Utica for advance systems training. I eventually moved on to Vought. There I was selected to go back & get my Masters. So the ground work was laid at NWDS even though I did not appreciate it at the time.

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