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Elections 2000 Charles Schleininger corsair It was in the late 50's & I came home on leave. As would have it some of the crowd who had enlisted, or been drafted, were also home. One of the days was Armed forces Day. So we all put on our uniforms & agreed to meet at a neighbor bar in New Dorp, on Richmond Rd. We had all but the Coast Guard represented. So we sat in the corner of the bar sipping beers. soon one elderly gentlemen came up to my friend, who was in the Army, & bought him a drink. Soon each of the guys were buying us drinks depending upon what service they had been in. Soon they started arguing about which service was the better one. A fight broke out. We took our drinks & went out & sat on the curb. The Police arrived & cleared the bar. We went back in< & John the bartender, told us to leave as we were a bunch of trouble makers!

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