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While Charlton Hairsuit was waiting for moral support from the Queen and her friends at Al Deppe's, Willie Sutton was lost in the woods at Camp Highrock.

He knew his way in the woods surrounding the farm colony, but he now found himself in an area totally unfamiliar to him. He had followed old Boy Scout trail markings that got him to Flagg's pond and thought he was home free. However, somewhere he took a wrong turn and now found himself on a trail paralleling the RCCC golf course.

He dared not go out on the golf course and ask for directions, because his picture was probably plastered all over the front page of the local newspaper, along with the story of his escape from Richmond County Jail. Willie didn't know that the SI "Retreat" never had any current stories...they waited until they could steal it from other would be at least 24 hours before the "Retreat" printed his picture.

So he continued to follow the trail and eventually found himself walking along a fence in back of Moravian cemetery. By a hole in the fence in back of Vanderbilt's tomb he could hear kids' voices shouting out: "Cor, Cor,'re captured!" Willie climbed through the hole and peeked through the bushes at the kids playing on the oval field in front of the tomb.

Should he go ask these kids for directions, or should he go on to Hoftopia #25?

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