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Here's Da Way It Is C Connelly mcgil On 02/04/2000 4:28:00 PM, hrwhite wrote:

>It is difficult to remember
>names and places after a 45
>year absence. I had thought
>about going back to SI this
>September for a class reunion.
>I have since decided not to
>return to SI. If I were to go
>to SI I would not be returning
>to a place that I remembered,
>I would be going to a new
>place that has no resemblance
>to where I grew up. While my
>memories lack detail I do not
>want what is left to be
>shattered by the changes that
>have taken place.

I hope that if you do ever find your way back to the Island you'll find that there are still special places that haven't changed. I'm from Westerleigh and later lived in West Brighton, and yes, I'll admit it, Fawr Corners. The north shore probably hasn't changed as much as the south, but I can still go to my "special places" and they are almost the same as they were when I was growing up. Each time I'm on the Island with my younger son, we take a walk around Brooks pond and go to the zoo, the same walk I used to take at his age with my Dad and my Dad used to take with his grandfather. The neighborhoods haven't changed much (if you stick to the side streets) and the spirit is still there. If you look with your heart and ignore the surface changes, it's still the Staten Island we all still love.


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