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Elections 2000 Pat O'Shaughnessy patos This site kinda reminds me of a situation I was involved in when I came back to N.Y. for leave for Viet-Nam. I had hooked up with 3 other dogfaces and 1 jar head for the bus ride from Newark to the Port Authority. Quite naturally the jarhead was abused verbally. We decided to go to a little bar across the street from the P.A. bldg.. Inside 2 C.G.'s were being abused by some squids and jarheads. Of course then we dogfaces had to question all their parentages it didn't look good. The next thing we knew a bunch of big long haired
guys show up to stop the fight that hadn't started yet. I believe the barman called them. Me being freshly shorn of my locks four months before I aligned myself with the military
When the cops came and broke up the fight me and one of the other dogfaces showed the sgt. our orders for Nam and they took all the military a few blocks away to another bar where we had one heck of an afternoon. Oh I forgot to mention this was 10:00 am. The same thing here; we can fight or disagree amongst ourselves but don't say anything bad about my friends LOL

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