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Here's Da Way It Is Charlie Joseph CharlieJ At the risk of repeating myself to the long-time posters, I'll reintroduce myself and reestablish my SI bona fides.
I was borned in St. Vincents Hospital on SI, but when I first started posting here, I misplaced it and had to be straightened out by DBLIVIT. This caused many to suspect I was a ringer, but I think I've overcome that and proved I really am an SI'er.
The first year of life we lived in Richmondtown, but I have no recollection of there. All my memories of Richmondtown are from my later youth when I went there as a kid.
From Richmondtown, we moved to Great Kills till I was about 8, then to Bay Terrace for a year or 2, Grant City for a year and a half, back to Bay Terrace for another year or two and finally to New Dorp for about 5 years. That takes me to age 17 (1 month short of 18), when I joined the Navy and left SI. Served 20 years in the Navy, retired and settled in SOuthern Maryland where I've been for over 20 years now.
I went to PS-8 in GK for kindergarten and grades 1 thru 4. 5th grade and half of 6th in PS-41, then back to PS-8 for the rest of 6th through 8th. Commuted from New Dorp to PS-8 for 7th & 8th, so I wouldn't have to change schools again. Graduated from 8 in 1953. Went to NDHS and graduated in 1957. You won't find me in the Argonaut graduating class pictures for 57, though. I was too much of a screw-off, didn't believe in homework and got left back. Went to summer school EVERY summer at Curtis. At the end of summer 57, I had enough credits to graduate. On the first day of what would have been the 5th year in high school, held the flag for the Pledge (I was the v.p. of the left-back homeroom)- a room full of b-busters. The teacher made a little announcement-something to the effect that's here's one of you dunderheads that finally applied himself is getting out of here through the front door and presented my diploma. So I was never a Senior, was Sophomore twice. Graduated in Sept 1957 from Homeroom 333-III. A month later I joined the Navy. My attitude about studying took a major change after about the 1st year in the Navy.
From the time I was 16, I worked after school and Saturdays. First at Jay-Cee's Dept store in New Dorp, where the owner pissed off salesladys so often, it ended up with me running the store and only being open when I was there after school and Saturdays. We had a record sales section, which I ran, even when there was a saleslady. Then I went to work at the White Market, owned by one of the Bacci brothers. I've told the story of how we used to deliver pure ground round for the hamburgers to Bacci's Charcoal Haven and how I know they had the best hamburgers anywhere. No cheap meat there. We also used to deliver 5000 lbs of potatoes every week of so in 50 or 100 lb bags. I started in the White Market barely able to lift a 60lb case of canned dogfood (48 can of 1lb contents plus the weight of the cans and cardboard carton=60lbs). We had no conveyor belts like the A&P. We had to carry them upstairs from the basement storage. By the time I left, I could lift one with each arm, hoist it to my shoulder and run up the stairs carrying two. Went from 90lb weakling to 90lb muscle bound freak. Now I'm more than twice that weight and tubby (and a weakling again).
Played baseball for GK in the PAL leagues and for Earl's (It's your place) Sports and Record Shop (Stapleton) in the 1st Babe Ruth League on SI in 1955 loacated in Oakwood Hts.
During High School, I hung around Stapleton a lot, because I had a couple of girl friends there. One a quickie and one for many years. So many years we got married there in IC church while I was in the Navy. We had two kids, but were divorced after 10 years of marriage. I married my current wife (I call her that to keep her on her toes :-)) 4 years later and we just celebrated our 25th anniversary.
That's my autobio again.
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