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Elections 2000 Charlie Joseph CharlieJ Gee, I guess I oughta be glad someone tried to defend me, and to be truthful, I suppose I am. But Patos, I saw nothing offensive in what you said and certainly took no offense. Matter of fact, I liked the things you said. We were all speaking our piece and that is/was good. And, matter of fact again, I got a good feeling from how everyone expressed themselves. We don't have to agree, but the fact that we can debate and still be friendly speaks volumes for us and the system under which we live.
I don't like to offend people I like, but sometimes when my mouth (or typing fingers) go into action before my brain is in gear, sometimes I do. Sometimes people say things that cause me to re-think my position and I still like them.
rs nailed me good (and deservedly so) a few years ago and he's still and will always be my favorite shyster :-) Jeez, has it been that long, we been on this site?

Take care all - this is good. Really

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