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Here's Da Way It Is Pat O'Shaughnessy patos Mom visited her cousin Hugh at Halloran Hospital (later Willowbrook) met Dad. Was born in L.I. moved to S.I.
same street as Gina different side of the tracks.(Ask her which side was right.) Mom ended up being in Administration at Willobrook (small world) before she had her job
in Albany. I remember A**h*le (Geraldo Riveria) following me home after I picked her up. He even sent someone to follow me at night cuz I had long hair. 20 years later he came to Akron and I've always wondered what would have happened if he would have known I knew at least 70% of the people involved in that farce even though I had no real involvement other than customers and friends I'd known for years. Graduated N.D.H.S. was on gymnastic and track team there worked at shoprite, with the Oroz family burglar alarm company, and Nassua Smelting. Went in Army and never lived there again went back in 87 for the last time and was shocked to see the changes.That was the last time I visited and have only been back 7 or 8 times since 70. My sister moved here about 16 yrs ago parents about 14.One brother still lives on the Island. The rest of the brood is scattered although 3 yrs ago 1 brother moved to Cinn. but he is never home Europe this week Asia next I believe.

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