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Here's Da Way It Is Arthur Anderson Art artnscience-(at) Well, it does not hurt to say it all again. Somewhere about 1997 I went through this when CharlieJ asked what hospital I was born at, but this is a new format and I don't know how many folks wallow around in the archives when there is so much good stuff getting posted every day.

I was born at Staten Island Hospital in 1945 when my folks lived in a little apartment on Coale avenue. Since that was up around Manor Road near Victory Boulevard, I can claim that I probably got scared by that FawCawnas guy rs once or twice. I know it was him what hit the window of the #6 bus wid a sno ball as I rode it to the Ferry....he said so.

My folks moved in with my mother's parents at the end of my first year so I spent from age 1 to 5 in Cliffside Park NJ. Except for the times I got scolded for making so much noise my grandpa was getting nervous, things were pretty nice but civilized in NJ. I remember the lady who lived behind us. Her son was growed up and she enjoyed my company. We called her momma bear.

In 1951 we moved to a bran new house at 165 Goodwin Avenue in Westerleigh. The land behind our house was still undeveloped and belonged to the Haines family. I remember talking to old Mrs. Haines. She said that Buffalo Bill Cody used to keep his Buffalo on her farm between stints at Madison Square Garden. I could never figure out how many Ferry boats they would need to get those animals over there.

Well, Sawyer avenue and Margueretta Court was under construction back there and me and my Westerleigh buddies enjoyed climbing through the foundations and incomplete houses. We sometimes would skinnny dip in the foundations when springs filled them up with water. Climbing piles of construction debris and throwing "dirt bombs" was elevated to high art.

I remember waiting forever to get my own submarine from one of those cereal advertisements. You put some powder in the middle and place it in a water-filled foundation or mud puddle and it sinks. Then, after what seemed to be an eternity up it comes. Did any a youse have one a dose? Or, did ya have a Flash Gordon ring?

I went to PS30. The place used to be called Collegiate Institute when it was part of Prohibition park and most of the gray-haired teachers still thought they were at "Collegiate Institute." Maybe that is why I look back on that place remembering how tough it was to make the teachers happy but also how many of my classmates went into things that today seem so significant.

My sister Karen went to PS30 too but she was three years older than I was. She quickly left to go to Curtis High School. She graduated from Curtis in 1959. I already figured out that rs probably didn't notice her cause she was two years behind him.

I went to Port Richmond High School. They changed the zoning just the year before. I was really looking forward to skinny dipping in the Curtis pool or at least sneaking in when da goils were skinny dipping. Alas PRHS dint have a pool. They dint even have a Football team back then.

I graduated PRHS in 1962 and went ta Wagna. Missed out on meeting rs cuz he had already graduated from Wagna an da buddy buddy club in 1962. I visited that place too, along wid Demyans Hoffbrau.

Afta Wagna, I left Staten Island to go to U. Maryland Med School and I have been in Maryland ever since. My Father died in 1971 and my Mother died in 1987 so none of my immediate family still lives on Staten Island. I have a cousin Allan who is maybe 10 years younger than I am but I never got to know him before leaving the island. Your friends are your chosen family and youse guys belong in that category.

Like Gina says. StatNisland your home of the heart!


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