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Elections 2000 Pat O'Shaughnessy patos I got an e-mail from someone who read my last post and thought I was blasting CharlieJ. I re-read it and think my message was clear. I meant no disrespect to anyone, did not have an argument either. It was basically a salute to all who served during that era. If anyone else was offended it was not my intent.

As far as DBlivit last post most hard core republicans don't think of McCain as a republican. I personally admire Alfred E. Nueman and always have. There is a big difference between him and Clinton. Good old Alfred E. would have gotten caught and said "So what's your point". Clinton didn't worry got caught and then worried and lied. Gore has made himself a poor imitation of Clinton I just don't trust him.

As far as Staten Island leanings mentioned in an earlier post from RS. I'm kinda a right wing socialistic republican democrat independent with anarchistic tendencies. I will lead you all but don't follow to closely cuz you'll get dizzy


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