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Here's Da Way It Is Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Thanks, Guys, that's very nice. Keep up the good work!

I liked the references to places that still exist in my memory, like the 3-Jays, the Orange House, working at South Beach (I worked at South Beach), and the kiosk at Victory Blvd. and Manor Road where I'd go for the Sunday paper and pick up a bag of crumbuns on the way back, as a little kid. That's ground zero, FawCawnahs.

I wuz surprised to see that JR went to my alma mammy, PS29, for three years. Imagine if he'da finished!

SIPoet's rendition of a beach party was wonderful. I'd like to give you mine, for they were long on sizzle (sometimes short on steak) but it wouldn't do on this family site.

So keep throwing in the ancient references so we all know what we're about here.

Thanks. Sorry if I made you feel persecu...prosecuted. Old habit of mine.


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