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Elections 2000 Charles Schleininger corsair A few years after the POW's came back one of them came back to flying statue here. The aircraft had gone through many significant changes, the latest being very sensitive avionics equipment. He asked me to come to his office & brief him. I started with a brief over view & then the details. He stopped me. "I don't want to know the details, just how to operate it. The less I know the less someone can get out of me." I paused & then little by little he described the "rope torture." Every soul has his private hell & he like many others are still haunted by it. There was another story of a young Lt. who thrown back into his cell broke down. From the other side of the cell wall came the taps asking what is wrong? "I broke down!" Soon word was passed back from the senior officer: "Forget today, tomorrow is another day!" (or words to that effect).

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